4 Signs Your Air Ducts and Vents Need Cleaning

1. Mold in homes and HVAC systems can very easily get in the duct work.  Having our fully insured and professionally trained staff out to thoroughly clean and sanitize your ducts with the strongest equipment on the market will rid that no problem.

Mold found in home or near the HVAC system

New Construction or Renovation

Consistent Dust, right after cleaning

Heating and cooling costs  climbing?

2.  Construction is a dusty mess.  Even after cleaning you still see dust everywhere.  Even with the best contractors it always finds its way in.  The dusty particulate matter can cause serious health problems.  We here at Hydro Clean of Michigan are family owned operated and understand how important your family is and will do an extremely thorough job.


3. Dusting your home isn't exactly the most fun job.  No matter how much you clean the dust keeps appearing. Probably a good sign you should have us out to take our time doing the job right!

4.  If you've noticed your heating or cooling costs higher than normal they could need a thorough cleaning.  We also check for leaks in the duct system.  


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